MiLi Power Queen


MiLi Power Queen (HB-D80)

Emergency power bank for Laptops, Smartphones and other USB powered devices.
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Product Description

Universal Power Bank for Mobile Phones, Laptops, Tablets and more!

The MiLi Power Queen is a universal power bank and offers 8000mAh of extra battery charge for your mobile phone, tablet or any other device. The output 5V USB port allows you to use your usual charging cable to charge your device, as well as providing a special charging cable with multiple tips so even if you forget to bring your own charging cable, we’ve got you covered!

Product Features

High capacity of 8000mAh, with shiny piano coating finish
Provides emergency backup power for laptops Provides more than 100% backup power for tablets

Buttons and Connectors

Product Dimensions

Battery: Li-polymer
Capacity: 8000mAh
Input: DC 19V/3.5A(max)
Output: DC5V/1A (max)
DC 9-12V/2A (max)
USB 5V/1A or 2.1A (max)
Self charging time: ~3 Hours
Dimension: 77*143*17mm


How to charge the power bank1. Connect the adapter to the DC 19V input.2. Plug the cable into the mains plug.3. LED lights will light up to indicate charging.
How to charge your device1. Select the correct connector for the device that needs recharging and connect it to the corresponding adapter cable.2. Plug the adapter cable end into the output port and the other end into your device.3. If you are using your normal charging cable, simply plug it into your device and then into the Power Bank.

4. When connected to your device, the usual charging symbol will appear.


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